Scott has been decorating his own home for four years, first using Light O Rama and now Xlights. He has helped design multiple residential and commercial shows, taught others how to program their shows to music, and even worked on Amazelights in Rosemont. From start to finish, he is committed to the highest quality.

Are you looking to build your own dazzling light display for your home or business, but aren’t sure where to start? Hire Scott for a variety of services.

Show Layout and Design

From the very beginning, Scott can help design your show. He will take 3D images of your property and work with you to plan what props are needed and where they should be placed. From outlining your property, to sparkling decorations, the only limit is your imagination and budget!

Prop Creation

The most labor intensive part of creating a light show is building the decorations. Once you know what you want your house to look like, Scott will work with you to either teach you how to build the props, or he can do it for you.

Programming the Show

Whether you are looking for a simple light pattern or a complex show choreographed to music, Scott can do it. Want to do it yourself? No problem. Scott can teach you how to use the software to design your own show. Prefer to let the expert handle it? Scott is happy to do it for you.

Putting it all Together

The final piece of the puzzle! Scott can either assist you in hanging the decorations, or do it for you, ensuring your vision is brought to life!

Scott is extremely professional and an expert at his work. He designed our holiday light show for the past two years, from the programming to the actual decorating. I trust him to make my business stand out from the competition.

-Matt Nolan, Manager of The Rambler Kitchen and Tap

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