Behind the Scenes

Putting together a Christmas Light display takes a lot of work. All of the pieces in our show were assembled by hand, and all of the programming was done specifically for the show- down to the tenth of a second!

Christmas Trees

We built the trees using tomato baskets wrapped in chicken wire. We then wrapped 800 Christmas lights around each tree!

Candy Canes

The candy canes were made using 3in. wide PVC pipe wrapped with red duct tape then topped with store-bought 12in Christmas bulbs. The bulbs were gutted and 100 lights were inserted in through the bottom, to give them extra glow.

Baby Shark

Baby Shark was bought online as a pre-cut corrugated plastic shape with the holes pre-drilled. Each bulb was individually glued in with a hot glue gun.


Synchronizing lights to music takes a lot of electronics! The whole show uses ten control boxes, each of which runs 16 channels. That’s 160 different channels that are each programmed individually for every second of every song. That’s a lot of programming!


The 6 foot nutcrackers were store bought, but came with only a few lights inside. We opened them up and filled them with 300 LED white lights each.

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